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ENG: 1-41-19 Higiriyama Konan Yokohama, Japan 233-0015
JPN: 〒233-0015 横浜市港南区日限山1-41-19
045-829-0130 / int'l +81 45-829-0130 (tel)
045-829-0131 / int'l +81 45-829-0131 (fax)

Train: Catch the Tokkaido or Yokosuka line to Totsuka station (two stations past Yokohama), change to the Yokohama Subway heading towards Shin-Yokohama. Ride 2 stops to Shimonagaya station. Its a 2-min walk from Shimonagaya station.
Detailed MAP -- Google street views below...


Coming from Tokyo, take Shutoko or Bayshore Line to get on the Yokohama-Yokosuka Expresss (Yoko-Yoko) and take the "HINO" exit.
Detailed MAP

From around Kanagawa, take Daisan Keihin onto Yokohama Shindo then exit at IMAI onto Kanjo-2 (heading toward ISOGO).
Detailed MAP

Satellite of our neighborhood.

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Street MAP - a two minute walk from the station (Google Street Views below).

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Google Street Views
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Coming out of Shimonagaya Station

Turning left to go up the hill

Looking up the stairs to our subdivision

Looking down our street towards our house from the top of the stairs

At our street corner, our place is the empty parking lot
Google views were shot just before construction started!

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